Monday, May 24, 2010

The Weekend before a Holiday---Fried Olives?? Really??

Nothing too entertaining to report from the weekend.  We to Chinatown for dinner Friday night and had a yummy vermicelli bowl with pork/shrimp/egg roll.  Also had 2 spring rolls.  All in all healthy on my HPLC diet...Patrick wanted to go out somewhere light.  Then he twisted my arm a little to go have a few alcoholic beverages.  Sad when you log the vodka (double poured) with a hint of grapefruit (ee gak).  Then another double poured vodka with a hint of diet coke.  I really am strange I guess...I would rather have a properly poured drink that is easy to suck down than a heavy poured lightly "mixer" drink that take awhile to gag down.
I can do it with bourbon just not vodka..and hell it was grey goose.
Saturday I was up early and walking the Chiich.  I went to volunteer a few hours at Pride Houston.  Stuffing envelopes...was actually a fun group of people.  After I went to the Hobbit Cafe and had a yummy grilled Mahi Mahi on a whet bun with dill tartar sauce.  It had field greens on the bun as well.  I opted for steamed mixed veggies and ice tea to compliment.  My night ended with a bang...laundry on a saturday night =)  LOL
Sunday was a good day.  Chiich and I went on a hour long walk in the 94 degree heat.  The breeze was actually nice in the shade.  We walked all up and down the streets of the rich peoples neighborhood near home =)  Before the walk I burned a few calories on the  Between the Wii and walking I burned 884 calories.  That gave me lots for the rest of the day...Good thing..
Joann and I went to the Houston Symphony.  We started off with a free perfectly chilled glass of wine.  Then sat with the conductor that was explaining about the show we were about to see.  The first half of the show was complete enjoyment.  The pianist was the largest (tall & broad) man I have ever seen at a piano.  He was going at the keys effortlessly.  Intermission came and the nice lady already had another perfectly chilled glass of wine waiting for us.....We should have stayed right there...the second half was the Symphony without the pianist.  It was probably the worst piece of music I have ever listened to. 
Joann said she needed a drink...I couldn't agree more.  We walked across the street to the Lancaster.  Another glass of wine....geesh 270 calories in my 3 glasses of wine.  There was a strange appetizer on the menu that she needed to try...fried olives stuffed with blue cheese....well we wont be ordering those again any time soon.  Lightly breaded green olives that were stuffed with blue cheese...barley fried...with a marinara sauce to dip in...tasted like an olive...nothing special.
We split a dinner...Seared Sea Bass over risotto....The sea bass was excellent...the saffroned fishy tasting risotto was ok...the liquid used to make it must have been a seafood broth...tooo fishy...nothing like the sea bass.  There were roated cherry tomatoes and black olives as well around the plate.  It was much better than the olives....but a very over priced meal....

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