Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 3 of "HPLC" Dinner

Last night was a very boring dinner.  I got home from work and decided to thaw out some sweet potato fries.  I like to saute them until they are crisp rather than bake.  I made a turkey burger with southwest seasoning that I made up.  I threw the SPF & Turkey Burger all in the same saute pan and let it cook on med-low. 
My lovely iPhone app tells me you how many calories are burned from i did the dishes/swept and picked up the laundry.  Then I flipped the food in the pan...walked Chiich (it is the shorter walk) and came back to eat.  I put a tsp of whole grain mustard on the TB and away I went.  It was good...filling...and healthier than other options dancing in my head =)  I kept thinking about the yummy lasagna from Carrabbas sitting in the fridge at the office....

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