Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Last night I had Patrick and Joann over for dinner.  I had a pork loin thawed out that was calling my name.  There were some blue cheese crumbles in my fridge that needed a place to go -- hmmm -- I ended up stuffing the pork loin with figs & blue cheese.  I tied up that puppy and seasoned with S&P, Thyme, Rosemary & Dried Orange Zest.  To try and stay healthy I decided to roast cauliflower and attempt to "mash" it like potatoes.  The roasting was great..S&P EVOO.  After it was good and roasted I put it in a pot with some garlic I sauteed.  I added some No-Fat dry milk to get a little creamy like texture.  I also added some chicken broth.  When that was mixed to my liking I added some Cayenne & Thyme.  It didn't mash well...It really looked more like rice =)  It tasted good though.  The side was plain-ole but very good for you steamed broccoli.

Dessert was next.  I decided I deserved something yummy.  I found some mascarpone cheese that was half the calories than the brand I use normal.  I added a teaspoon of honey and whipped that together.  As it came to room temperature i halved & cored peaches.  I grilled them till they were nice and juicy.  I also added honey to balsamic vinegar to make a yummy syrup.  I put it all together for sheer bliss.....
The best part about dinner & dessert........It was 459 calories for the whole deal...mmmmm

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