Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do We Have To Daddy??

So yesterday I went home with an agenda.  I had to get changed and get Chiich out for her walk...also needed to set-up the massage table for an appointment at 6pm.  I got home about 4:08pm from work...like Wonder Woman I twirled and all-a-sudden "dadadana Wonder Woman" I was in shorts t-shirt and sneaks. =)
Chiich and I were off to walk the town.  We walk for an hour again..but a little faster and a little longer.  We went along the school track to Alabama...Down Alabama to Buffalo Speedway...Up BS to Westheimer..Across the street to River Oaks...We went down a few streets and hung a left...After a long walk we hit Weslayan...Then up to San Felipe..turn round...left on another side street and walked all the way to the cross street we originated on...Then up a ways and home....Nice long walk...Chiich stares me down when we get home...Beotch I am not the one who needs the exercise =)
So after my massage I had boring HPLC dinner.  I made rice with seasonings to make it edible...I cooked a chicken breast with garlic/thyme/S&P/cayenne & tossed green beans in the pan to cook and pull in those same flavors.  Whooopie....Tomorrow I will have food pictures and yummy dinner planned...more calories than I am allowed...but oh well.

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