Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Last night was "Day 2" of the "HPLC Diet." I have tons of white rice left after my April charity function. I prefer brown or wild, but white will just have to do. Who would have thought that 1 tsp of butter is 50 calories eeeek...I walked 6 miles with Chi-Chi before hand so it helped me have more calories to eat.
I made chicken breast with lemon pepper seasoning. I had to just spray the pan vs. using olive oil. 1 tsp of olive oil is 50 calories. This is sort of an eye opener to me. A lot of the people I know have no need to calorie count, but I struggle with my weight. I am surprised how much is in things. My banana has 90 calories. Good thing I like to cook....I can control the totals.
I am just rambling on....So with the lemon-pepper chicken I also had 1/2 cup white rice & 1/2 cup green peas. The rice was made the day prior. I found that adding the rice and peas to a saute pan with the tsp of butter and a little water works great. I used the same pan I made the chicken in. This picked up any seasoning that might have browned to the pan & the juices. I took a quick iPhone shot of the boring but yummy dinner. In total it was 384 calories for dinner. My daily goal for calories is 1500....If you add the hour of walking Chiich at Memorial Park...I had 1886 calories for the day...I cheated with skinny cow of ice cream sandwich =(....BUT in the end I only used 1354 calories for the day. Do I get to roll over the other 532? LOL
I am also showing the fruity snack i am eating right now...fresh blackberries & raspberries & 130 calories.

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