Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend Food

I cooked a couple times over the weekend.  Friday i decided that I should entertain my neighbor Joann & I also invited Patrick.  Fun night with 4 doggies and 3 adults running around my apartment.  It wasn't too bad..both dinner and dessert were "1 pot" meals.  I was craving Spanakopita -- but I wanted to have some protein in the dish.  I cooked some chicken breast that I added to the mix.  I love spinach pie.  I guess it all goes back to working with a greek family for a few years.
Dessert turned out AWESOME.  I bought a few yellow peaches.  I halved them and cut out the pit.  Then I took out some of the pulp...That made room for the yummy filling.  I used the pulp I removed, crushed amaretti cookies & sugar.  After a quick mix i stuffed the peaches.  Once in the pan I crumbled more cookies and drizzles some rum and sugar on top.  30 minutes later it was soooooooo good.

Saturday lunch came around and I had to use up some of the fresh japanese eggplant and green tomatoes I got from the Farmer's Market.  I decided to try something new.  First I needed a quick jaunt to the Central Market....Pizza Anyone?
I bought a multigrain crust to use, garlic lovers pasta sauce made with San Marzanos.  I bought some herbed goat cheese, fresh shredded mozzarella, portabella mushroom & away I went.  The sauce smelled awesome as i coated the pizza crust.  Then I decided to help the veggies along and grilled the eggplant and green tomatoes.  I also soaked the Portabella in EVOO & Balsamic.  Then I grilled that as well.  I placed the veggies all over the pizza and then dropped bits of the goat cheese all over.  I sprinkled thyme all over the pizza, fresh cracked pepper & a little mix of my SW Seasoning.  Then a nice top of mozzarella and it was ready for the oven.  MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  It was better than I hoped.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Monday

It's Monday the 14th of June, 2010.  I wasn't sure what i wanted for breakfast this morning.  I took Chiich and Colin out at 6am for a walk while I contemplated.  HOLY CROW it was already 85 out.  I was sweating before I even fully opened my eyes.  That sucks =(
After about 30 minutes I had enough.  I got the pups into the house and I started getting around for my day.  I decided to heat up the ole grill pan to make a refreshing tomato sandwich.  I had a few green tomatoes from the Farmers Market to use.  Have you ever just grilled a green tomato?  It is soooooo yummy.  A little tart, a little lemon-ish, and oh-so good.
I put a little olive oil mayo on some whole grain bread.  A little fresh ground pepper, garlic powder & thyme made for great sandwich.  Granted it wasn't extremely filling, it was better than nothing.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Yummy Chili--blackberries--OH MY

Another Monday back at the office.  Fooood....Friday night I decided to try a recipe I wrote a few weeks back.  I browned a package of ground turkey to start.  Once that was done I added it to a crockpot.  I then topped it with a can of crushed pineapple, can of kidney beans, jar of raspberry chipotle salsa, jar of peach salsa & some chili powder.  After 2.5 hours I went in for a taste.  OH MY GOSH!!!  Yummy...sweet and spicy all in one.  I know Breann..fruit in the food  =(  LOL....It was just 210 calories a serving.
Saturday I had yummy Pesto Chicken Salad at Barnaby's.
Last night I had another recipe I threw together to try.  I bought some turkey cutlets (looked like pork chops).
I sprayed a baking dish and placed the cutlets in there.  In another bowl I whisked sugar-free seedless blackberry preserves, Worcestershire sauce, low carb ketchup, salt, red wine vinegar & chipotle powder.  It sounds like a mess...but I poured it all over the turkey and backed for 45 minutes.  Served it over brown rice...YUMMY  Only 296 calories

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Few Quiet Days

No news is better than bad news?  I haven't written much as I haven't had an exciting week.  I plan on cooking some this weekend and will see what happens =)
One of my neighbors works for a company called "Gourmet Ranch".  He said they specialize in meats.  It is always good to make friends with people that can get you things at cost =)
I was asking him about boneless whole turkey breasts..Yippie they have them.  He actually brought me the complete item list.  They are like a SYSCO I guess.  I can get everything I want from them.  The "game" section was quite entertaining.  Any type of Venison you need?  They have elk, antelope, rabbit, buffalo, wild boar, alligator, frog legs, turtle, quail, squabs, ostrich, kangaroo, rattle snack & python.  Hmmmmm Do I dare?
I sent in a few requests on pricing...the strangest thing I want is Buffalo strip steaks =)