Friday, June 4, 2010

A Few Quiet Days

No news is better than bad news?  I haven't written much as I haven't had an exciting week.  I plan on cooking some this weekend and will see what happens =)
One of my neighbors works for a company called "Gourmet Ranch".  He said they specialize in meats.  It is always good to make friends with people that can get you things at cost =)
I was asking him about boneless whole turkey breasts..Yippie they have them.  He actually brought me the complete item list.  They are like a SYSCO I guess.  I can get everything I want from them.  The "game" section was quite entertaining.  Any type of Venison you need?  They have elk, antelope, rabbit, buffalo, wild boar, alligator, frog legs, turtle, quail, squabs, ostrich, kangaroo, rattle snack & python.  Hmmmmm Do I dare?
I sent in a few requests on pricing...the strangest thing I want is Buffalo strip steaks =)

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