Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Monday

It's Monday the 14th of June, 2010.  I wasn't sure what i wanted for breakfast this morning.  I took Chiich and Colin out at 6am for a walk while I contemplated.  HOLY CROW it was already 85 out.  I was sweating before I even fully opened my eyes.  That sucks =(
After about 30 minutes I had enough.  I got the pups into the house and I started getting around for my day.  I decided to heat up the ole grill pan to make a refreshing tomato sandwich.  I had a few green tomatoes from the Farmers Market to use.  Have you ever just grilled a green tomato?  It is soooooo yummy.  A little tart, a little lemon-ish, and oh-so good.
I put a little olive oil mayo on some whole grain bread.  A little fresh ground pepper, garlic powder & thyme made for great sandwich.  Granted it wasn't extremely filling, it was better than nothing.

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