Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend Food

I cooked a couple times over the weekend.  Friday i decided that I should entertain my neighbor Joann & I also invited Patrick.  Fun night with 4 doggies and 3 adults running around my apartment.  It wasn't too bad..both dinner and dessert were "1 pot" meals.  I was craving Spanakopita -- but I wanted to have some protein in the dish.  I cooked some chicken breast that I added to the mix.  I love spinach pie.  I guess it all goes back to working with a greek family for a few years.
Dessert turned out AWESOME.  I bought a few yellow peaches.  I halved them and cut out the pit.  Then I took out some of the pulp...That made room for the yummy filling.  I used the pulp I removed, crushed amaretti cookies & sugar.  After a quick mix i stuffed the peaches.  Once in the pan I crumbled more cookies and drizzles some rum and sugar on top.  30 minutes later it was soooooooo good.

Saturday lunch came around and I had to use up some of the fresh japanese eggplant and green tomatoes I got from the Farmer's Market.  I decided to try something new.  First I needed a quick jaunt to the Central Market....Pizza Anyone?
I bought a multigrain crust to use, garlic lovers pasta sauce made with San Marzanos.  I bought some herbed goat cheese, fresh shredded mozzarella, portabella mushroom & away I went.  The sauce smelled awesome as i coated the pizza crust.  Then I decided to help the veggies along and grilled the eggplant and green tomatoes.  I also soaked the Portabella in EVOO & Balsamic.  Then I grilled that as well.  I placed the veggies all over the pizza and then dropped bits of the goat cheese all over.  I sprinkled thyme all over the pizza, fresh cracked pepper & a little mix of my SW Seasoning.  Then a nice top of mozzarella and it was ready for the oven.  MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  It was better than I hoped.

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