Monday, June 7, 2010

Yummy Chili--blackberries--OH MY

Another Monday back at the office.  Fooood....Friday night I decided to try a recipe I wrote a few weeks back.  I browned a package of ground turkey to start.  Once that was done I added it to a crockpot.  I then topped it with a can of crushed pineapple, can of kidney beans, jar of raspberry chipotle salsa, jar of peach salsa & some chili powder.  After 2.5 hours I went in for a taste.  OH MY GOSH!!!  Yummy...sweet and spicy all in one.  I know Breann..fruit in the food  =(  LOL....It was just 210 calories a serving.
Saturday I had yummy Pesto Chicken Salad at Barnaby's.
Last night I had another recipe I threw together to try.  I bought some turkey cutlets (looked like pork chops).
I sprayed a baking dish and placed the cutlets in there.  In another bowl I whisked sugar-free seedless blackberry preserves, Worcestershire sauce, low carb ketchup, salt, red wine vinegar & chipotle powder.  It sounds like a mess...but I poured it all over the turkey and backed for 45 minutes.  Served it over brown rice...YUMMY  Only 296 calories

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