Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lunch Today

I am on this kick to lose 30lbs before my birthday. That gives me plenty of time--as that isn't until December 6th. Today for lunch I said I would have a salad...and chicken for protein. I put a mound of spring mix on the plate. I drizzled some lime vinaigrette that I threw together over the greens. I sprinkled some dries cranberries and pecan on the salad as well. Next I chopped up half of a cucumber and rounded the edge of the plate with that.
To top the plate I made some lemon-pepper chicken. I cut some boneless chicken breast into "fingers" and rolled them into the lemon pepper seasoning I had. In my saute pan I used coconut oil and sauteed a little garlic and cayenne pepper with just a little butter to get some extra flavor. I put the chicken in and added lemon juice then put the lid on. I let this cook on med-low while I walked Miss Chi-Chi. When I returned the chicken was almost done. I removed the chicken and drained out the juice. I returned the chicken to the hot pan to sear in some of the seasonings. I filled the center of my salad with the chicken...and spare pieces seemed to make Miss Chi-Chi happy. Darn her cute face when she stares "daddy please can I taste."

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